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Activity Hubs

TECH - Technology Accelerator

The Technology Accelerator is the umbrella under which new products or existing products with HIV prevention and multipurpose prevention technology indications can accelerate research and development.

This is the Technology Accelerator Section with an Image of a city with light streams representing speed and technology

D2D - Design to Delivery

Design to Delivery (D2D) is a working group for engaging stakeholders, including end-users, service providers and other local partners to inform and advance the research and development of innovative emerging HIV prevention options for women.

This is the Design to Delivery Section with a picture of one set of hands delivering packages to another set of hands

BACH - Business, Market Dynamics and Commercialization

BACH will help product developers refine their commercialization strategies, develop their business cases, and identify complementary resources to advance products to the finish line.

This is the Business, Market Dynamics, and Commercialization Section with a picture of piano with BACH paper music above the keys

CaSE - Capacity Strengthening, Engagement and Mentorship

By strengthening the depth and breadth of existing local partner institutional capacities, CaSE will contribute to creating centers of excellence across Sub-Saharan Africa.

This is the Capacity Strengthening, Engagement, and Mentorship section with a picture of a briefcase

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials will be designed with optimized strategies to ensure research among African women while providing evidence that informs safety and efficacy of new products supporting expedited approval by stringent regulatory authorities.

Picture of African female doctor talking to an African patient